Ready, Set, Wait…and Wait.


So you’ve diligently applied to as many quality jobs as you could find and now are left to strum your fingers in anticipation while patiently awaiting a callback, a rejection email…anything! But let’s face it, you can’t be job searching hunting 24/7, you need time for other things. You know you should be doing something productive, anything at all to keep yourself from going stir crazy (sorry, pigging out in front of the television shouldn’t be an option).

Just think. This is a golden opportunity.What have you always wanted to do in the past that you weren’t able to accomplish because you were “too busy” with school, club meetings, or your part-time job? Now’s the time to explore those possibilities. Don’t waste this time. Sooner or later YOU WILL BE EMPLOYED. I know it seems pretty far fetched right now, but someday you will be begging for more hours in the day.

For me, I decided to take up self-defense classes. In high school, my mom bugged me to take self-defense classes, but I ignored her. However, I decided to listen to her (10 years later) and finally research some classes. The real world is a very dangerous place, especially for a 5 foot 3 person like myself (I hate the feeling of being vulnerable in a dark parking structure at night). So I’m planning on taking Jujitsu classes a couple times a week to strengthen my defenses.

Or it can even be simple as reading. I’ve been a huge fan of reading and never had the time to read novels that I was actually interested in. I always had assigned reading to prioritize before I could even think about picking up a book for pleasure.

So what have you always wanted to do? Are there any activities or hobbies you found yourself too busy for? Go do it!

Here are some ideas:
– Start a blog
– Catch up on your reading
Self-Educate yourself (Just because you’re not in school anymore doesn’t mean you can’t learn new things. You also should also brush up on some work skills. Are you really an expert in Excel, do you really know how to use (insert program here)?
– Take up a recreational sport
– Get in shape (workout)
– Take up photography, upload your pictures to (You don’t need an expensive camera, a camera doesn’t make a photograph, the photographer does)
– Volunteer at a local organization
– Clean your closet (Have a garage sale and makes some $)
– Tutor local students for extra money
– Plan a potential business
– Learn how to play an instrument
– Learn how to cook
– Visit relatives
– Get a temporary part-time job

(Disclaimer: Don’t stop job hunting after you sent out the first 10, 20 or 30 resumes, or gone on 2 interviews. You need to actively search for jobs because not everyone will give you a call. I sent in around 20-30 applications when I interned in Washington DC for a summer and only got 3 offers.)


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