Do You Have an All or Nothing Mentality?


Lately I’ve been thinking about what the future holds for me. Every once in awhile I begin to second guess my journey. I feel like I’m running out of time, as if what happens in the next few months will determine the rest of my life.

If real life was like American Idol, I would be in trouble. There are similarities between me and some of the hopefuls we see on American Idol. Their dream is to make it big doing what they love, so that they can provide for their family or to become famous. Like the contestants, I want to show the judges what I’m made of, that I’ve got the talent and drive to make it. Unfortunately I, like some few American Idol contestants, also possess the all or nothing mentality. It’s now or never, everything or nothing at all. Sometime we start to believe that this opportunity will determine our future for the rest of your life. When in reality, this is just a stepping stone the journey. A “no” doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the road, and a “yes” doesn’t automatically mean a one way ticket to the Top 24. You have to get through Hollywood week first (those not familiar with American Idol should know that Hollywood week is akin to Hell week).

Seeing many around me reaching not only their goals, but their dream goals, inspires me to no end. At the same time however, their success makes me think about myself and how I don’t want to be the person who settles for just anything in life.

Thanks to some very wise career gurus, it hit me that what ever the next step in my life may be, it won’t define my professional career forever. I’m still young and this is only the beginning. I have certain goals and dreams I want to accomplish (i.e. relocating to NYC see: Empire State of Mind), but taking care of the basics like bills, food, and shelter can’t be ignored. Life doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Ultimately everyone wants to find their dream job, but sometimes we may need to accept our situation and work until we are stable enough to pursue our dream goals.

What obstacle(s) stand/have stood in your way of achieving certain goals and what steps did you take to overcome them?


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