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DO want DO NOT want Right now I am loving my current internship because I get to do what I love, from the convenience of my own home. The only downside? Our weekly meetings. Why? Because to get there, it takes a little over two hours one way without traffic. You can imagine how spending […]

I’m visiting my brother, who’s currently in college…and it’s FINALS WEEK! I kind of miss it. I actually miss the runs to starbucks, the intense studying and the hiding out in the library or study centers for hours (or days) at a time. So I took note and did the same. I went to two […]

When I started this blog, not that long ago, I was very focused and determined to find a job or internship to jump start my career after coming back from abroad. And I did it. I found an exciting internship that has given me the opportunity to open myself up to new experiences. This opportunity […]

#1. It’s important to get a job or internship. I know some people would automatically assume that getting an internship or job during college is a given. However, there are some parents out there who’d rather their child solely focus on studying and nothing else. Well NEWSFLASH strict, conservative parents that are probably Asian like […]

Sunday was kind of a crazy day. Looking back now, it doesn’t seem like a big deal in retrospect to what’s happening in the world today or what happens almost everyday, but in the heat of the moment the day seemed like the results of my own version of the Butterfly effect, a series of […]