Things I Wish I Realized in College #1


#1. It’s important to get a job or internship.

I know some people would automatically assume that getting an internship or job during college is a given. However, there are some parents out there who’d rather their child solely focus on studying and nothing else. Well NEWSFLASH strict, conservative parents that are probably Asian like mine. We have TONS of free time in college and we CAN handle the extra responsibility. Most of our time is not spent studying, but rather on distractions from studying, like television, internet, computer games, sleeping, facebooking, partying…drinking. Am I right or am I right?

I worked during the majority of my time in college, but it was just to earn extra money and wasn’t related to a possible career path for myself. For me, I wish I took advantage of more internship opportunities, especially in fields I was interested in. Maybe I was too lazy or thought I was too busy, but I wish I realized the importance of internships sooner.

There’s no excuse for not getting a part time job or completing multiple internships during the span of your college career. Most likely you will figure out how badly you SHOULD have worked/interned during your late junior or senior year. One day you will attempt to write your resume and realize you have nothing to show. Or, once you graduate, start work, or go to graduate school, you’ll come to realize that you’re not really passionate about what you’re doing/studying and wish you found out sooner.

Interning will help you 1) manage your time between studying, working, sleeping and partying etc. 2) help you understand the value of a dollar (especially if you do unpaid work) and 3) give you real world experience. Internships are a great learning experience and you will always walk away learning something. Yes, even from those internships where you finish everything assigned to you in the first hour and realize you have 6 more hours to go and are too scared to ask your super busy boss for more busy work.

Did you work or take advantage of any internships in college? Has an internship ever deterred you from a certain career path?


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