Still In Transit


in transit

When I started this blog, not that long ago, I was very focused and determined to find a job or internship to jump start my career after coming back from abroad. And I did it. I found an exciting internship that has given me the opportunity to open myself up to new experiences. This opportunity is also forcing me to realize that I shouldn’t lose focus just because I accomplished a “goal” of mine. In a way I’ve lost a bit of momentum and focus because now I’m thinking, “What next?”

My goal for this blog was to keep myself accountable while I was in transit. I was in transit because I hadn’t reached my destination. Even after landing an internship, I realize I am still in transit towards my final destination, where ever that may be. Initially, I thought I was trying to go from point A to point B, unemployed to employed, beginner to advanced, unsatisfied to fulfilled, etc. However, I’ve realized that sometimes life is not about getting from point A to point B. It’s actually more like getting from point A to B to C…to eventually point Z.

Things happen during a journey and every now and then there’s need for a pit stop. Maybe it’s to give yourself a reality check, or maybe it’s to learn more about yourself… it could be lots of things. Whatever the purpose of your pit stop may be, I think it’s always important to evaluate where you are on the map (of life, or love!) as not to lose yourself along the way.

Many bloggers out there have found their niche and have been vocal about encouraging other new bloggers to find one they are passionate about. The past few weeks I’ve been blogging about job hunting and the thoughts that come with being in transit. In fact, I’ve come to realize that I won’t be writing about this particular journey forever. This blog for me is more of a pit stop. It’s been a learning experience. I’ve learned a great deal about myself and what I need to work on personally, emotionally and professionally. It’s keeping me focused and is a constant reminder that I need to set goals for myself, hold myself accountable and actually do things instead of always thinking and planning.


2 Responses to “Still In Transit”

  1. i say don’t worry about finding your own niche; just write!

    it’s interesting that you worked abroad in the Philippines. Why there?

    I realized life isn’t about point A to B a long time ago, in college.

    It’s more about the journey, the process, and NOT the destination, the outcome, or goal. Have fun in the process and life will be great. Think too much about your goal/destination and you will keep chasing that rainbow.

  2. Thanks Floreta! Sometimes I’m just so anxious to finally “get there” that I often forget about the journey. Lately I’m definitely starting to “do’ things instead of thinking and over analyzing everything 🙂

    After I graduated, I did an internship in DC. After that I moved back home and without any leads. Then the opportunity arose through one of my relatives. She had a contact in the Philippines and I thought what the heck! I’ve always wanted to experience living in the Philippines with family that I only see 2-3 years for only weeks at a time (similar to you). I interned at a business and lifestyle magazine called Asian Dragon. If you look you’ll probably see it at National bookstore 😉 It was definitely a departure from my last internship (which was law related).

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