Taking Tips from Healthy Eating and Using Them to Improve Other Aspects of Your Daily Life


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I didn’t want to use the term “diet” because this concept is only temporary. Once you return to your normal way of eating, everything you did during your “diet” will basically become null and void. Eating healthy is a lifestyle change. It’s about adopting healthy ways of eating for a lifetime. I was thinking the other day, why not take tips from eating healthy and use them to improve other aspects of our life? Like a diet, you should slowly try and incorporate these changes into your lifestyle permanently and not as a quick fix!

Cut out junk food from your diet. Cut out Debbie downers from your life.

Cutting out junk food from your life ultimately will help you become healthier and will give you more energy. Just like junk food, there are people in your life that you could live without. There are friends who are realistic and bring up valid good points in order to ultimately help you. Then there are some people who have a way of constantly bringing you down whether it be with blunt statements or sneaky passive aggressive side comments. You know who these people are.

Have a healthy mix of complex carbs, lean protein, and good fat. Have a healthy mix of hard work, play, and relaxation.

A balanced diet is a good diet. Cutting out whole food groups will work temporarily, but in the long run your body will crave certain nutrients. Similarly, all work and no play will burn you out in the long run. Give yourself a break from time to time. You don’t always have to be out partying either. Find simple ways to relax that don’t involve a television. Try having a nice bubble bath at the end of a long day, re-reading your favorite childhood book, have a glass of wine…or do all three!

Keep a food journal and log everything you eat. Keep a to do list and log all your goals and accomplishments.

When you’re trying to lose weight, or just eat healthier, it’s important to keep a food journal to keep track of your eating patterns. Sometimes we eat more than we think or don’t get enough vegetables when we think we do. Use this technique with your everyday life. If you are having trouble with time management or find that you aren’t quite reaching your goals, keep a simple journal or to-do list to track of your day/goals. Pinpoint your areas of improvement and tackle them head on.

Find a support group that share your healthy outlook on life. Find a community that share your similar goals.

It’s inspirational to hear stories of individual success and accomplishments. There are things we strive to do in order to prove to ourselves that we are strong and in control. However, no matter how driven you are, there are times when you become discouraged. This is the time when we are either glad that chose to surround ourselves with people who are supportive and understanding of our struggles… or wish that we did. It’s always good to have a support group for moments like this. If you can’t find one in real life, there are many online communities and blogs where you will find all kinds of amazing support.


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