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Operation GMST


We are half way through 2010 and depending on your general outlook on life these days that can either be a good or bad thing (think glass half full or empty). For me, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a toss up. I have a decision to make. I can either allow my life […]

When I started this blog, not that long ago, I was very focused and determined to find a job or internship to jump start my career after coming back from abroad. And I did it. I found an exciting internship that has given me the opportunity to open myself up to new experiences. This opportunity […]

Working abroad has been amazing. I’ve been living a dream I’ve always had for myself. However, my internship has ended and I am slowly making my descent from cloud 9 back into reality. My current destination: unemployment. Finding a job (or internship) isn’t exactly next on my life list. But if not dealt with, it […]

I am still overseas and cannot exactly commute and hour to Los Angeles for an internship, but I can work online 5-15 hours a week from my computer on my own time schedule.